Medical Quiz 3

If you think your medical knowledge rivals the professionals, find out now.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Easy
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What is the name of the doctor who developed the first ever polio vaccine?

How is rubella otherwise known?

Implants make body parts what?

Which form of scanning was introduced in 1971?

The first outbreak of which virus was recorded Sudan and Zaire in 1976?

The first what was attempted in the 1970s?

Which of these best describes the sort of therapy you get in a hot tub?

Which K is scar tissue?

Which medical profession involves treatment of the nervous system?

Which of the following straighten peoples' teeth?

What might a pathologist do?

Surgical procedures like breast enhancements are known as what?

Which of these is included in the MMR vaccination?

Which of these is included in the MMR vaccination?

Which of these is included in the MMR vaccination?

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