Medical Quiz 2

Hospitals, medics and everything medical is tested in this quiz.

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Migraines are a type of what?

Thomas Willis recorded a classification system for which condition?

Which of these compounds can cause serious and fatal illness if inhaled for prolonged periods?

An inert substance that creates a harmful effect on a patient is known as a what?

Which physician proved the existence of a capillary system?

Who first suggested the existence of a capillary system in the blood?

What was the first antibiotic called?

The rapid spread of infectious disease in a population within a short period of time is known as a what?

Microorganisms that cause infectious disease are known as what?

Semmelweis recognised that importance of what in the prevention of infectious disease?

Which disease results from a person's blood glucose concentration rising too high because their pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin?

Which of these diseases can be controlled by injecting insulin?

People with kidney failure can be treated by a transplant or what else?

Which body system may cause a transplanted organ to be rejected?

Which of these is a disorder resulting in extra fingers and toes?

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