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What is Sharon Carter's agent number?

What does EDITH stand for?

How did Crossbones die?

What is the name of the person that experimented of the Maximoff twins?

What is Captain America's catchphrase that repeatedly shows up in the MCU?

Who said the iconic line of "We Have A Hulk" in Avengers Infinity War?

What is the name of the first MCU movie coming out in 2020?

What is the name of Thor's Hammer?

What is the name of Star-Lord's mom?

Which one was NOT on Steven Roger to-do list?

What is Pepper Potts allergic too?

Where does Scott Lang get fired from in Antman?

What is the place that Clint and Natasha remember "very differently"?

In Doctor Strange what was the last sanctum to fall?

What was the Wi-Fi password that Stephen was given in Doctor Strange?

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