Maths mixed Quiz 2

Do you think of yourself as numerate? Do this maths quiz and see just how much you know.

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Questions 14
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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2982+1992+1002 equals what number?

What is the number when 7.445 is rounded off to 1 decimal place?

If you eat 41 sweets from a tub that contains 639 how many sweets do you have left?

3516+2348+1180 equals what number?

What is the sum of the number of days in a week + wonders of the world?

If you read 1/2 of the books on a book shelf of 700, roughly how many books would you have left to read?

There are 60 seats on a coach. All are full and 1 people are standing. 28 people get off. How many spare seats are there?

4272+2852+1432 equals what number?

There are 221 seats on a train. All are full and 21 people are standing. 3 people get off. How many spare seats are there?

3840+2564+1288 equals what number?

What number when added to 1538, gives 3501?

3633+2426+1219 equals what number?

A girl cycled 15km before lunch and 6km after lunch. What was the total distance travelled?

198+136+74 equals what number?

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