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what is the value of cos(1).cos(2).cos(3).cos(4)................cos(100)?

If x=arcsin(sin10) and y=arccos(cos10), then the value of y-x=

A value of x satisfying the equation sin(arccot(1+x))=cos(arctanx) is

If f[(3x-4)/(3x+4]=x+2, x not equal to -4/3, then f(0)=

The sum of third and ninth term of an A.P is 8. Find the sum of the first 11 terms of the progression.

If cos(p+q)=4/5 and sin(p-q)=5/13, where p and q belong in (0,π/4), then the value of tan(2p) is

If the arithmetic mean of two numbers a and b, a>b>0, is five times their geometric mean, then (a+b)/(a-b) is equal to

Sum of 3rd and 4th terms of a GP is 60 and the product of its first three terms is 1000. If the first term of this GP is positive, then its 7th term is

If the sum of reciprocals of first 11 terms of an HP series is 110, find the 6th term of HP.

If π≤x≤2π, then arccos(cos(x)) is equal to

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