Marvel Quiz 2

Take this quiz if you think you know lots about Marvel movies.

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In 2008's Ironman, Tony Stark invents the Ironman suit in order to

In Marvel legend, Peter Parker was bitten by which animal, so he could have his superpowers?

In the 2003 film 'Daredevil', which actor portrayed the superhero?

In the first X-Men feature film, Tyler Mane played which villain?

In what city does Spiderman live and protect?

In what year was X-Men: The Last Stand released?

Jon Favreau has directed which of these Marvel films?

Mark Ruffalo starred as which Marvel superhero?

Marvel films are the second highest grossing film franchise after which brand?

Marvel's film, Ant-Man, is scheduled for cinematic release In what year?

Marvel's film, Captain America 3, is scheduled for cinematic release In what year?

Marvel's film, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, is scheduled for cinematic release In what year?

Mel Gibson played Martin Riggs in which series of films?

Michael Douglas is set to star in which Marvel film?

Paul Rudd has been cast as which Marvel character in a film yet to be released?

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