From Highgate to Croydon, a quiz covering all aspects of London life.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Hard
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What is the tower of Big Ben named after?

What is the name of a serial killer that terrorized London in the 19th Century?

Whose shop brought miniskirts, tights and crocheted tops to the London high street?

Bethnal Green is a tube station on which line?

Woodford is a tube station on which line?

Chancery Lane is a tube station on which line?

The Notting Hill carnival takes place in London in which month each year?

Name the famous gangster twins who ruled London in the 50's.

Who is the current mayor of London (as of 2013)?

The Haywood Gallery is located where in London?

In what area of London would you have found The Millennium Dome in 2000?

Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club, is located in which London borough?

The model Twiggy was brought up in which London suburb?

Where is the busiest station in London in terms of passenger numbers?

The Shard skyscraper is located above which London station?

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