A quiz covering all sorts of topics connected with lifestyle.

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Which of these is a real variety of Yam?

Which French fashion house had Jean Paul Gaultier as creative director for Fashion Week shows between 2003 and 2010?

The first siddur was printed in what year?

Which star's New Year's Resolution for 2013 was 'to stop checking my email every 5 seconds!'?

In 2013 a new prince was born, what is his name?

How much is Vermont Avenue worth in Monopoly?

Who is married to Prince William in 2013?

Which of these countries has Spanish as its official language?

Which US writer was once a heroin addict and died in 1997 aged 83?

Which game is known as Chutes and Ladders in the United States?

In which village do Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn live?

Which of these is a river in the US?

Hydraulics are used to raise what kind of seat?

How old was the Queen Mother when she died?

Which of these is a well known meal. Baked ____

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