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_____________ is a financial institution which performs the functions of accepting deposits from the general public and giving loans for investment with the aim of earning profit.

The main role of __________is to promote and mobilize savings especially among the middle and lower income groups in rural areas.

____________ are a form of collective investment that allows investors with similar investment objectives to pool their funds to be invested in a portfolio of assets.

___________ provide members & their dependents with social security in the form of retirement, medical, death or disability benefits.

____________ provide protection and reduce burden of individual and firms with insurance policies associated with death, illness and damage to property.

________________ included equity and bond markets (public and private debt securities), for long-term investment purposes.

______________ market that provide financial services to non-residents.

_____________ include futures, options and forward contracts for underlying commodities, stock indices, interest rates and currency.

___________ risk that a financial institution is unable to source and fund it financial needs when required by the public.

_____________ is he risk that a business operations or investment value a financial institution will be affected by changes in exchange rates, where such changes causes declines in cash flows and asset values.

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