Let's Get Quizzical - Music

This weeks quiz is all about music! There are 5 rounds each containing 6 questions. As normal, please play fairly and do not cheat. The leaderboard will be post on the facebook page once the allotted quiz time is over.

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Questions 30
Criteria 10% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Round One - The 90's

Who were the first group to have their first six singles all reach number one?

Jay Kay was a the lead singer of which British funk band who released Deeper Underground in 1998?

In what year was this song Christmas number one?

In 1998, who became the second youngest female ever to top the singles chart with 'Because We Want To'?

Name this song

Which of the following were released in 1999?

Round Two - Covers

In 2013, Lily Allen released her take on which popular song as part of the John Lewis Christmas Advert?

Who sang this song originally?

Who sang this song originally?

Who sang this song originally?

Who sang this song originally?

Who sang this song originally?

Round Three - Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Round Four - Soundtracks

Taken from the soundtrack to the 1997 film ‘Evita’, Madonna released which track originally recorded by Julie Covington in 1976?

John Travolta dominated the UK music charts in 1978. As well as Grease, another Travolta film soundtrack sold huge numbers. Which film was it?

What film did this song feature in?

What film did this song feature in?

What Iconic Movie Theme Has Been Reversed?

Who Has Scored The Most Movies?

Round Five - True or False

Spandau Ballet got their name from a piece of graffiti on a Berlin toilet wall.

Michael Jackson's 1988 hit Dirty Diana is about Princess Diana

P Diddy throws away his trainers after one day's wear.

The lyrics 'goodbye yellow brick road' were never said in Elton John's 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.'

Bryan Adams took a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II which has been used on a Canadian stamp.

Taylor Swift does not have a belly button.

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