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Friday Nights Quiz

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Which country does the cocktail mojito originally come from?

You Your sex is on **** Consumed With what's to transpire Hot as a fever Rattle of bones I could just taste it ***** it

What WWII fighting plane is this?

What is a male fox called?

Name the film from the description

A crocodile ate his hand

First person to get a bottle of shampoo gets a point

You’re so cool is the soundtrack to True Romance, who was the recording artist?

Name the Movie from the Font - 1 point for each correct answer.

Where was the first World Cup held?

Which actress, model and singer served 18 days in prison for tax evasion in 1982?

Which South American country was named after the Italian city of Venice?

Fort Knox lies in which American state?

What was the original name of the Royal Air Force?

Which Beatle led the way across the zebra crossing on the Abbey Road album cover?

What boxer answers to the nickname "Sweet Pea"?

Name the film

Name the first restaurant outside France to have held three Michelin stars for 25 years

Name this cartoon character

First person to get a clean pair of socks wins a point

What year was the first sighting of the Loch Ness monster “Nessie” reported?

Name the movies in picture

Name the Movie This quote is from

May the force be with you

What year was this photo taken?

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