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What is the abbreviation of SOP

What is the abbreviation for GRN

A store has the STR of 63% and the SOH as 1200, what will be the Quantity Sold?

A Store sale is 2.50lakhs and the sold quantity is 450.What is the ASP of the store

A Brand has an area of 450Sqft and the sale of the Brand is Rs.9,774. What is the brand SSPD

A Store has a net sale of Rs.2,45,928 in which Men's world has 32% contribution. What will be the Men's world sale.

A Brand has 3 wall bays of 2 ft rack each. What is the standard Stock capacity of the wall?

What is the abbreviation of RE

A Store Sale is Rs. 2,45,982 with footfall of 620. What will be the RE?

A Store has net sales as Rs. 2,45,928 with 60 Transactions and sold 620 quantity. What will be ATS?

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