Kings & queens Quiz 4

Fancy taking on Henry VIII and Richard The Lionheart? Take this quiz?

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Hard
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Which of these early English kings was murdered?

In which month of 1936 did Edward VIII abdicate from the British throne?

Where was the Queen Mother when she died?

King Farouk had an unfortunate trait - what was it?

Who was King of England immediately before Henry VIII?

Which English king married Eleanor of Aquitaine?

Which king died in battle?

Which English king's statue stands in the yard of The Houses of Parliament?

Which king died of leprosy at Cardross Castle in 1329?

In 9th century England, Danelaw included the Five Boroughs. Which of these was NOT one of the boroughs?

Which English queen was married to Lord Guildford Dudley?

Which King's slogan was 'No Bishop, No King'?

Who was the first ruler to assume the title King of the English?

What name was given to the kings of ancient Egypt ?

Which Queen died childless?

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