Kings & queens Quiz 3

We'd all love to live like kings and queens, but can you answer questions about them?

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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How old was Henry VIII when he came to the throne?

In what year was the monarchy restored in Spain?

On whom did Queen Victoria confer the title 'Prince Consort' in 1857?

Which English king died of food poisoning?

How old was Edward VII when he came to the throne in 1901?

In British history, who did Charles Samson most famously execute?

Originally in a deck of playing cards, which Biblical king did the King of Spades represent?

Which Henry became king in 1422 aged just 9 months?

To which of his wives was Henry VIII married for the longest time?

Which king defeated the Danes and set up the Danelaw?

When Queen Victoria was born, where was she in line to the throne?

Which king devised the Tudor Rose to symbolise unity between the Houses of York and Lancaster?

Which king had been Prince Regent for 10 years before taking over the throne on the death of his father?

Who is the Queen's eldest grandchild?

In the 9th century, over which part England did Alfred the Great rule?

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