Kings & queens Quiz 2

Kings, queens and everything royal is covered in this quiz.

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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All of the kings of The House of Lancaster, all had the same name - what was it?

How old was Queen Elizabeth II of England when she married?

How were King Richard I and his successor King John related?

In which century did Queen Victoria die?

Of which country was Farouk king?

On which island is Osborne House, Queen Victoria's holiday home?

To which royal house did George I belong?

What title did Henry VIII have before he was made king?

What was King Richard I's nickname?

Which English king died at the age of 15?

Which English king made the Homburg hat fashionable?

Which of these 9th century Kings of England reigned before the others?

Against which English monarch was the Ridolfi Plot hatched?

Who was king when Columbus discovered America?

What was the name of the monk who wrote the Life of Alfred, the biography of the great king of Wessex?

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