Kings & queens

A quiz about royal families, kings, queens and royal trivia.

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Questions 15
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Which biblical king was particularly noted for his wisdom?

What was the name of the Scottish king who defeated the English army at Bannockburn in 1314?

Who became King of England in 1017?

In France in 1589, who became the first king of the Bourbon dynasty?

In which century was Alfred the Great king of Wessex?

Nell Gwynn was the mistress of which king of England?

Which king built the first Jewish temple in Jerusalem?

Where are British monarchs crowned?

Which English monarch married Eleanor of Aquitaine?

Which English queen ruled for 45 years?

Remembered as one of their worst kings ever, over which group of people was Vortigern a 5th century ruler?

When Queen Boudica is depicted in statues and drawings, what sort of transport is she normally seen using?

Which monarch did Henry VIII succeed to the throne?

How old was Elizabeth I when she died?

Of which country were Kenneth, Donald and Malcolm Kings?

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