Author: Arvie Payumo

Kadiwa Tagisan ng Talino (Church Edition)

Elimination Round

Knowledge quiz
Questions 20
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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1.) In 1899, Bro. Felix and his cousin was adopted by their uncle who's a Catholic priest named ________.

2.) The name "Felix" means ________.

3.) In what year the first hymnbook termed as "Hymnario" which contained about 300 songs was published?

4.) Bro. Felix Manalo had an old teacher by the name Macario Ocampo called ________.

5.) In what year Bro. Felix Manalo instituted the first komite or pulong panalangin?

6.) Bro. Felix Manalo was born in ________.

7.) The first issue of Pasugo magazine was published in ________.

8.) Bro. Felix learned photography from his cousin named ________.

9.) Bro. Felix worked as a herd boy of ________.

10.) In what age does Bro. Eraño G. Manalo ordained as a minister?

11.) When did Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo begun administering the IGLESIA NI CRISTO as its Executive Minister?

12). When was the first Ordination wherein 202 Ministers were ordained and 85th Birth Anniversary of Bro. Eraño G. Manalo?

13.) When was the first INC Unity Games that took place in Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Manila?

14.) When was the Aid For Humanity to which benefited more than 200,000, and then garnered three Guinness World Records?

15). When was the launching of the INCTV Channel 49 on Philippine Free TV led by Bro. Angelo Eraño V. Manalo?

16.) When was the first "IGLESIA NI CRISTO WORLDWIDE WALK"?

17.) When was the Special Worship Service KABAYAN KO, KAPATID KO ANNIVERSARY that took place in SM Mall of Asia, Open Grounds, Pasay City?

18.) When was the IGLESIA NI CRISTO CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION SPECIAL WORSHIP SERVICE that happened in Philippine Arena Bulacan which streamed Live to hundreds of thousands of brethren in sites worldwide?

19.) When was the Grand Baptism in Philippine Arena, that received Guinness World Record for most number of people baptized?

20). When was the Inauguration of Ciudad de Victoria and Philippine Arena?

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