Jobs Quiz 5

Whether you call them jobs or occupations, there are questions on all of them here.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Easy
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What type of chef are you if you are a Poissonier?

Acrylic Resin is a useful substance in what job?

If you take up a 'residency' as part of your training, what is your job?

If you came across a Drip Leg in your job, what would you be?

If your job is a Barista then what are you doing?

What is the name of the dealer at a gambling table?

If you found yourself running a 'Tied House' what would your job be?

Which of these jobs, do you offer "gas and air" to your customers?

If a customer asked you for a Fluke, what job would you be doing?

What job does Walter White have at the start of the Breaking Bad TV series?

Where would you be working if you came across a 'Bear Market'?

If you were trying to get a publishing deal, what would be your job?

If you peformed a Tubal Ligation, what would be your job?

Which of these jobs is statistically most dangerous?

As of 2013, which of these professions has the highest proportion of female workers in the US?

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