Jobs Quiz 3

Jobs, occupations, employment - get tested on this topic here.

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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Which job best decribes someone who makes detailed technical plans or drawings?

If your dream was to work at the Hermès then what is your dream job?

Who is second in charge in a proffessional kitchen?

What type of teacher is statistacally most likely to be male?

A scribe, a blacksmith, a town caller were all common jobs on offer to a man in which century?

If a customer asked you for a fresh Batard, what job would you be doing?

If a customer asked you for a Flounder, what job would you be doing?

If your job involved seasoning what would you be?

What job would you be in if you were 'Trolling' each day?

If a customer asked you for a Cherimoya, what job would you be doing?

If a customer asked you for a Pummelo, what job would you be doing?

What job would you have to perform a root canal procedure?

If you constantly discussed the Favourite and the term "each way" what would your job be?

If you delivered diary products daily what would your job be?

Which job in US politics has never been held by a woman?

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