Author: Selen Kaptan


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Difficulty Easy
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Aslı _______ singing.

Farmer _______ vegetables.

The postman _______ letters.

Ali isn't a pilot. Because he _______ flying.

"Hello! I am Eren. I am a doctor. I work at a hospital because I like healing people. This is my sister, Elif. She is a teacher. She like teaching and she works at a school." What is Eren's job?

Answer the next 5 questions accoring to this text.

Where does Elif work?

What does Eren like?

Where does Eren work?

What does Elif like?

Ceren _______ flying a kite.

Hasan is a chef. Because he ______ cooking.

Firemen _________ fires.

The nurse works at a _________.

Ayşe: _________________ ? Sinem: I am a vet.

Be careful! There might be more than one true answer to this question.

Mine: What do you like? Oğuz: ___________________.

I like animals and I like healing animals. What is my job?

What does your mother do?

They ________ dancing.

My father is a baker. He works at ________.

Tarık:______________________? Irmak:He is a businessman.

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