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In which of these locations is a Runner likley to be employed?

In 2009, how many television writers in the US were woman?

Which profession involves "Punch down" everyday?

Which of these jobs is NOT a supermarket job?

If you had 'patients' in your job, which of these would NOT be your job?

If you offered customers 'Paraffin Treatments' what would your job be?

What job would you be doing if you were fitting a catalytic converter?

What does a Yeomen do in the navy?

If you are part of your country's army front-line team what is your job?

Which of these professions does not require a gum shield?

If you worked looking after kids, what would your job title likely be?

In what profession is "break a leg" an expression of good luck?

Cold Calling and Door to Door are types of what?

If you worked with C++ what would your job be?

If your job involved indexing materials and had to be quiet what would be your job?

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