Inventions Quiz 3

Think you know all about inventions and discoveries? Find out here.

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Difficulty Easy
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Douglas Engelbart invented which piece of computer hardware?

Ed Lowe was responsible for inventing which bestselling pet product?

Ed Seymour invented which item that easily changes the color of an automobile?

Ernest Swinton invented which armored vehicle?

Forrest Parry invented which item found on a credit card?

Frank Zamboni invented which machine?

Friedrich Serturner discovered that which painkiller could be extracted from the opium poppy?

George William Manby invented which potential lifesaver?

Georges de Mestral invented which hoop and loop fastening system?

Gilmore Schjeldahl invented which item for poor travellers?

Gunpei Yokoi invented which hand held gaming device?

Hans Lippershey invented which piece of equipment used by astronomers?

Henry Coover invented which fixative?

Henry Perky invited which global breakfast cereal?

Hippolyte Mege-Mouries invented which alternative to butter?

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