Inventions Quiz 2

Inventions, discoveries and gadgets - test your knowledge now.

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Hungarian Edward Teller invented which weapon?

Hyman George Rickover invented which underwater device?

Ira Remsen invented which synthetic substitute for sugar?

Ivan Vucetic invented which kind of personal identification?

James Leonard Plimpton invented which wheeled footwear?

James Naismith invented which piece of sporting equipment?

John Harvey Kellogg is a name synonymous with what?

John Pemberton invented which global soda?

Joseph Shivers invented which elasticated fabric?

Josephine Cochrane invented which domestic appliance?

Jules Montenier invented which product to make us all smell fresher?

Julius Richard Petri invented which kind of receptacle for a science lab?

Karl Nessler invented which machine that curled women's hair?

Ken Kutaragi invented which games console?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented which Internet giant?

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