A quiz about all of those clever gadgets and inventions to make life easier.

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A device invented by Stephen Hales measured what for the first time in 1733?

Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick invented which visual aid?

Adolph Rickenbacker invented which musical instrument?

Adolphe Sax invented which musical instrument?

Albert Hofmann invented which hallucinogen?

Alexander Fleming invented which globally used antibiotic?

Alexander Graham Bell is credited which inventing what?

Alfred Nobel invented which explosive?

American Sidney Rosenthal invented which writing implement?

Andreas Stihl invented which power tool?

Antoine Louis is the guy responsible for which execution device?

Arthur E Kennelly and Harold P Brown invented which widely used method of execution?

Bela Schick invented the test for which disease?

Cai Lun from China is credited with inventing which global necessity?

Christopher Cockerell invented which water based transport method?

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