Author: Daniel Neves

Internet Culture 1

Knowledge quiz
Questions 12
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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This is Good Guy Greg. Who is his antithesis?

Who coined the word 'meme'?

What best describes a 'weeb'?

Cats are the Internet sweethearts. In what day of the week are people more likely to share pictures of cats?

Click the video above. What just happened?

To what species belongs the 'O RLY?' owl?

A famous interview of Jon Stewart on the CNN show 'Crossfire' became one of the most shared videos on the Internet at the time, and ultimately led to the program's cancellation. In what year was this interview aired?

Complete the lyrics: "Look at my horse; My horse is amazing"...

In 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the HTTP protocol, a major element of the modern Internet. For what institution was he working at the time?

One of these funny dogs was used as a maskot for a Cryptocurrency. Which one?

This stock photography model became a huge internet sensation. What is he known as?

This orange haired dude is clearly suspicious of something. What is his first name?

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