Insight to Personal Protective Equipment

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You are starting a job. How will you know if you need any extra Personal Protective Equipment?

Personal Protective Equipment is required when...

Once your employer has provided you with PPE, you must use it whenever you are at work, even if your job changes.

Which of the following types of gloves should you wear when working with chemicals?

What type of protection is needed when you are exposed to hazards from flying particles?

When should safety footwear be inspected?

When working in areas where there is a potential for head injury from falling objects, you should…

It is still okay to use a Safety helmet with a minor crack in its shell.

Hearing protection is required when you are exposed to a noise level of 85 decibels or higher for an 8-hour period of time.

You need to wear a full body harness. You have never used one before. What should you do?

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