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Physics Practice Questions

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Resistance of a given wire is obtained by measuring the current flowing in it and the voltage difference applied across it. If the percentage errors in the measurement of the current and the voltage difference are 3% each, then error in the value of resistance of the wire is

A B C and D are four different physical quantities having different dimensions. None of them is dimensionless. But we know that the equation AD=C ln(BD) holds true. Then which of the combination is not a meaningful quantity?

A spectrometer gives the following reading when used to measure the angle of a prism. Main scale reading : 58.5 degree. Vernier scale reading 0.9 divisions. Given that 1 division on main scale corresponds to 0.5 degree. Total divisions on the vernier scale is 30 and match with 29 divisions of the main scale. The angle of the prism from the above data

A screw gauge gives the following reading when used to measure the diameter of a wire. Main scale reading : 0mm. Circular scale reading : 52divisions. Given that 1mm on main scale corresponds to 100 divisions of the circular scale. The diameter of wire from the above data is

A screw gauge with a pitch of 0.5 mm and a circular scale with 50 divisions is used to measure the thickness of a thin sheet of Aluminium. Before starting the measurements it is found that when the two jaws of the screw gauge are brought in contact, the 45th division coincides with the main scale line and that the zero of the main scale is barely visible. What is the thickness of the sheet if the main scale reading is 0.5 mm and the 25th division coincides with the main scale line?

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