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Internal Auditors celebrate International Internal Audit Awareness Month in ____________ every year.

____________ review is where we focus on one business process in the function.

____________ review is where we focus on all the business process in the function.

Annual Audit ____________ Exercise is an exercise that IA conducts to come up with the Annual Internal Audit Review Plan.

Relating to Audit Universe Exercise, what do we send to audit clients to know if there are changes in the structure of the function, upcoming projects and area of concern?

We need ____________ Committee's approval on the Annual Internal Audit Review Plan.

In ____________ meeting , we will discuss more on the audit review that we will be conducting.

____________ is a follow up on the progress of the outstanding observations.

The policies and procedures would need to be updated and ____________ by either HOF and management.

Issues identified by ____________ are self declared control gaps where the function is already aware of or in the process of addressing the issue with specific action plans and target dates, prior to the commencement of the audit.

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