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A patient has been admitted to the ICU post a heart transplant. They have been cleared for activity. You enter the room and invite the patient to walk to the bathroom with you. They are afraid it is too early to be out of bed yet. What evidence-based clinical reason would you give in support of early mobilization?

Your patient in the ICU is able to sit with the head of the bed elevated for 25 minutes and is able to respond to 3 out of the 5 questions nursing was asking them. Which level of the Early/Progressive Mobility Program would this patient be in?

Which of the following would be a benefit of early mobilization?

You have finished working with a patient in the ICU. BEFORE you leave the room, which of the following actions should you take?

Which of the following would NOT be a reason to hold off on an OT evaluation?

Your patient wants to brush their teeth but are not cleared for full BLE weightbearing. Which of the following situations would be the best choice in this situation in the ICU?

Which of the following assessments would be appropriate for an OT to complete within the ICU to assess physical skills?

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