Author: Salman Tariq

HTML CSS basic quiz

Knowledge quiz
Questions 20
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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CSS stands for

This is title

How can you add space between the border and inner content of the element?

How can you add CSS?

How do you inform the browser you are creating a styling section with an internal style sheet?

Which HTML tag specifies an internal style sheet?

Which HTML attribute specifies an inline style sheet?

How can you add an external style sheet in HTML?

Which is the correct syntax to make all <p> elements bold?

Which property do you need to change the background color?

Which selector do you need to define a style for multiple elements?

The <title> element must be located inside

This is title

Which of the following tags is used to create an ordered list?

How to write an HTML Comment ?

Which of the following table tags is used to create a table row?

Which of the following answer options is not an HTML attribute?

What HTML form input must be used to present multiple options, but select only one?

The <br> tag is used to add

What is called an element that does not have a closing tag?

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