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Questions 24
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Difficulty Easy
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What is the name of Paul Livingstone's daughter?

Simon Brady has one tattoo. Where is it and whats the design?

Andi Hardy completed an extra GCSE/standard grade at age 15. What was it?

Before working at Calex, what was Lucy Hine's job?

Colin Blythe holds what sporting belt?

Many of us know Sam Price has a dog. But how many pets does he have in total?

What Phobia does Nick Chalmers have?

How tall is Mark Godson?

Lizzy Burgess has a dog called Otis, but what breed is he?

Chip Crouch is a man of many talents. But which of the below statements are false?

Where in Ireland is Cheryl Stanley from?

Julia loves a cup of tea! But what does she specifically drink?

Chris Ferns has 3 tattoo's. How many hours did he sit getting tattooed?

What instrument can Tiffany Mason play?

What are the names of Paul Hunt's two Border Terriers?

Simon Foster supports which football team?

Where was Jon Kilby born?

How old is Justin Ryles?

Before Steve HD joined the motor trade, what was his first job on leaving college?

Andy Martin owns a Bassett Hounds - whats his name?

Paul Doyle supports which football team?

What is Mike Stead's favourite past time?

What NFL team does Claire Fisher support?

What TV show did Matt Cherry apply to be on as a teenager?

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