How Well Do You Know Claudine Roselle Puente?

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Claudine Roselle Puente is commonly known by what nickname?

Trivia for Lady Saiyan Wild Card Vacation III

What is Claudine's favorite color?

When Claudine was 7-8 years old, she was an active member of what organization?

What was Claudine's first job while attending college?

At Claudine's current workplace, what committee did she serve on?

From 2001 to 2002, what cosplay group was Claudine affiliated with?

What was the very first out-of-state anime convention Claudine attended?

When Claudine entered college in the fall of 1995, what was her original major?

Which of the following statements is a rumor about Claudine?

Where did Claudine meet her best friend JoAnne?

In 2004, Claudine was stranded for 7 hours overnight at which US airport?

Which doll company does Claudine's doll Eli come from?

Which is the very first doll convention Claudine attended?

During the trip to Washington DC in 2017, which of the following places did Claudine NOT visit?

While attending Junior High School at St. Cecilia, what was Claudine suspended for?

How many siblings does Claudine have?

Before Claudine's father retired in 2011, what was his occupation?

In 1991, Claudine started her freshman year at what San Franciscan High School?

Who was the most memorable Elementary School teacher Claudine had, who still remains friends with her to this day?

Which of the following cities did Claudine NOT vacation in?

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