How much do you know about our Holy Hymns? (Android users only)

Take this quiz to test your knowledge on our divinely inspired hymns!

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Which hymn is sung to begin the Watchnight (New Moon) service

When a person decides to become a member of CCC, they are required to do their sanctification. Which hymn is sung for them?

Marie Zevunu’s baby was filled with The Holy Spirit at the age of 11 months when this hymn was revealed to the child.

To close any service, we sing a hymn from which category in the hymn book?

How many hymns are sung on a Sunday service?

What was the first hymn that was divinely given to CCC through Prophetess Wolisata?

Which of the following hymns does not belong in the Spiritual Power category?

Which two hymns are used to administer the Holy Communion?

Which hymn implores our prophets to demonstrate good behaviour?

Which hymn was divinely given through 8-day old Dora Oschoffa while being bathed by her mother?

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