History - worldwide

Not just UK history, this quiz will show how much you know about history worldwide.

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In which decade did Joseph Stalin die?

In which decade was Madonna born?

In which decade did 'Who shot J.R.?' become the question on everyone's lips?

In which decade did Fred Perry win his three consecutive Wimbledon titles?

In which decade was Saigon renamed Ho Chi Minh City?

In which decade is the movie 'LA Confidential' set?

Gaddafi became leader of Libya at the end of which decade?

In which decade was the double act Laurel and Hardy formed?

In which decade did the great scientist Albert Einstein die?

In which decade was the singer-songwriter Carole King born?

The last Russian tsar abdicated in which decade?

In which decade was America plunged into The Depression?

In which decade was action painter Jackson Pollock born?

Saddam Hussein become president of Iraq at the end of which decade?

In which decade was Lyndon B.Johnson President?

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