Historical events Quiz 7

Take the ultimate history test - when did these key events happen?

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What was the name of the Australian Prime Minister who, in 1967, disappeared while swimming and presumably drowned?

What was the name of the first purpose-built passenger jet airliner, which entered service in 1952?

What was the name of the ship that sank in the St Lawrence River in Canada in 1914?

Which British Monarch abdicated the throne in 1936?

Which city hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics?

Which city was devastated by an earthquake and consequent fires in 1906?

Which terrible event occurred in London in 1666?

Which US president once caused a stir when he announced that he didn't like broccoli?

Which US state was at the centre of the 'hanging chads' fiasco in the presidential election of 2000?

Which war was brought to an end by the Treaty of Versailles?

Who assassinated US President James Garfield?

Who attempted to assassinate President Reagan in 1981?

Who became British monarch when Edward VIII abdicated in 1936?

Who was the first President of the Continental Congress?

Who became British Prime Minister for the first of three terms in 1979?

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