Histology 5 & Biochemistry 3 - 11/12/2019

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Which of the following is true regarding the ureter ?

The ability of urothelium to maximally expand without losing its blood-urine-barrier feature is refered specifically to....

In comparing the bladder to ureters, which of the following histological features is the same ?

As regards the male urethra, which of the following features describes the part lined by transitional epithelium best?

In comparing the female urethra to male urethra, which of the following is the same ?

Albuminuria can be either physiologically or pathologically.

The reducing sugar that is most frequently found in pathological urine is glucose.

Normal urine should not contain pus cells.

Normal urine does not contain casts.

Granular casts are present in chronic nephritis whlie epithelial casts are present in acute nephritis.

Which of the following casts is mostly found in subacute nephritis ?

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