Hip and Knee Replacements

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Which of the following describes the precautions for a posterolateral approach to a hip replacement?

Which of the following is a consideration when working with someone who has had a knee replacement?

What is OT’s primary role in working with people who have had a joint replacement?

Your client has had a knee replacement and finds it difficult to reach her toes to don her socks and shoes. Which of the following would you first recommend to her?

An occupational therapist could train someone with a postereolateral hip replacement do which of the following during functional transfers to protect their hip during all transfers in their daily life?

Which of the following is true regarding bathing directly post a hip or knee replacement?

T/F Clients post a hip replacement are allowed to take baths, sitting on the bottom of the tub.

Which of the following is true regarding cars post a hip replacement?

What is the purpose of an abduction wedge?

A 60 year old underwent hip replacement surgery six weeks ago following a fall a a bowling alley. The patient has been referred to OT and wants to begin meal preparation. The patient refuses to use the walker that was ordered by the physician. The physician is unavailable for consultation. The most appropriate action for the therapist is to:

An 80 year old woman who is status post right hip arthroplasty is referred to OT. The therapist can best screen her functional level by:

An individual recovering from a total hip replacement is being discharged home. The invididual received Medicare benefits. For safety and independence in the bathroom, the OTR recommends:

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