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Heartist Campaign 5- How to deliver Bad News

As a Heartist, you don't want to deliver bad news. But sometimes you will find yourself in a situation that you can't avoid it. Let's see how well do you remember the strategy?!

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How would you define bad news?

What is the right strategy in delivering bad news?

What are the Do's of the leader in the phase of "Anger"?

When someone gets bad news he/she will go through how many phases?

What are the biggest pitfalls that some of us may fall into when delivering bad news?

Why do you think we are having this talk? When you look back on your work in the last 8 weeks, how would you rate yourself?- Which bad strategy is used in this sentence?

Delivering Bad News isn't part of your life as a Leader?

What is the main objectives while delivering bad news?

Bad news should be followed with soup then a nap?

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