Are you getting your five a day? Find out with this fruit and vegetable quiz.

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The controversial detox treatment that leaves red circles on the skin is what?

The gland which controls your metabolism is called what?

The I in BMI stands for what?

The life threatening condition suffered during pregnancy is called?

The main symptom of tonsillitis is a sore what?

The medical name for whooping cough is what?

The most common injury in a car accident is what?

The natural depletion of what is responsible for outward signs of aging?

The need to do things a certain way or a set number of times is known as what?

The S in NSAID medication stands for what?

The sciatic nerve starts where?

The world's most popular cosmetic procedure is?

Those suffering from diabetes have to take extra special care of their what?

Those who are short sighted will benefit from what when reading?

Too much of which of the following is bad for your health?

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