Hardcore Sport Quiz 2

Calling all hard core sports fan. Test yourself here.

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At the Winter Games in 2010, Canada broke the record for the most Golds with how many?

The recent reigning English champions, having won the 200809 Premier League, as well as the Football League Cup holders?

Having the shot after a Mulligan, which is worse than the Mulligan is called what?

Who makes the AP1 irons?

Name the boxing promoter who survived getting shot in Barking in 1989?

Miroslav Klose top scored with 5 goals at the 2006 World Cup, playing for which country?

What do you call the point that approaches the net?

In which country was boxer Lennox Lewis born?

Which was the newest addition to the F1 calendar?

Dennis Bergkamp joined Arsenal from which European team, in 1995?

Which New York Yankee has never hit a World Series walk off home run?

In 1908 Summer Games in London, who won the first figure skating title?

Which show jumper was famous for his V sign?

Who pitched a perfect game in May, 2010?

In cricket, what is Sachin Tendulkar famous for?

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