Author: Dave Weese

Guests or Experts and Panels

Knowledge quiz
Questions 5
Criteria 80% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Guest speakers show examples of how learning is translated into life situations, rather than just content. Whose adult learning theory does this apply to?

Guest speakers can help to bridge this gap by relating their own concrete experiences with the class. Which adult learning theory does this statement best apply?

Guest speakers can provide a sense of belongingness and serve as an example for esteem and self-actualization as they have reached these levels themselves as experts. To which adult learning theorist does this statement best apply?

As the students, presumably, have some prior knowledge of the material the guest speaker is covering, this gives them an opportunity to evaluate the value of the content delivered by the guest speaker. This statement best applies to which adult learning theorist?

Which of the following statements was made by Daniel D. Pratt?

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