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Middle East trivia test awaits you.

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Nawal Al Zoghbi became the first ever Middle Eastern brand ambassador when she signed for which company?

To which Middle Eastern country did Toyota suspend its car exports in June 2010?

Which country did Iraq invade in 1990, leading to the First Gulf War?

In which year did Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait leading to the First Gulf War?

The demonstrations that spread through Africa & the Middle East in 2011 are called what?

Which 20th century Middle Eastern politician wore a black eye patch?

Which Middle Eastern country is Adel Mahmood from?

Damascus is the capital city of which Middle Eastern country?

Lebanon's Lydia Canaan is considered to be the Middle East's first what?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected president of which Middle Eastern country in 2005?

Where did Iraqi star Kadim Al Sahir live during the Gulf War?

Based in the Middle East, what sort of organization is Mossad?

Dana International won Eurovision 1998 for which Middle East Country?

What was the preferred missile of the Saddam Hussein regime during the first Gulf war?

Who, during the 1991 Gulf War was known as - Storming Norman?

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