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Do you know your Middle East from Middle Earth?

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Normal
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Which of these is the name of a Middle Eastern brand?

Early versions of the Middle Eastern "fez" included what?

In which Middle Eastern country was the ruler referred to as the Shah?

What kind of company is 'Deutsche Babcock Middle East'?

Which UN leader negotiated peace between Iran and Iraq in 1988?

From which Middle East capital were 52 US hostages released after 444 days in 1981?

Of which Middle Eastern country is Amman the capital city?

Which spice is the main ingredient of the Middle East sweetmeat, halva?

Who was the king of Iraq from 1921 to 1933?

Of which Middle Eastern country was Menachem Begin Prime Minister in the early 80s?

Riyadh is the capital of which Middle Eastern country?

Saddam Hussein was the dictator of a Middle Eastern country in which a war began in 2003. What is the name of this country?

What was the name given to the US led invasion of Iraq in 1991?

What term was given the wave of revolutions & demonstrations that spread through North Africa & the Middle East during the first half of 2011?

Which Middle Eastern country prints "Haaretz""?"

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