General knowledge Quiz 8

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Difficulty Easy
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What does a Bucker do?

What is someone who helps kids cross the roads called in England?

Who was the leader of Cuba in the 1960s?

Charles de Gaulle was the leader of which country in he '60s?

How many eggs will an average hen produce per year?

Who was the lead vocalist of the band Led Zeppelin?

Which of these men was not Prime Minister of Australia during the 1960s?

What does a Fisherman use when catching fish?

If your job involves putting fabric onto chairs, what is your job?

What does an Apiculturist keep?

If you are trained to shoot people, what is your job?

What does an Aerospace Engineer design?

Who would cut words into a tombstone?

If you make money from stand up, what is your job?

Who would you get a '99', 'Screwball', or 'Mr. Whippy' from?

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