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What ocean is the Maldives located in?

The Dali Lama is a diety of?

Austerlitz is the real surname of which Fred?

Which of these films is about a real life person?

The medical term is third molars, but what do we commonly call them?

In Scrabble, which two letters are worth 8 points?

Which James Bond movie features 007 playing his arch enemy in a round of golf at Royal St. George's, Sandwich?

Which country lies directly south of Mongolia?

This dog is known for its lack of intelligence?

How much money does each player start with at the beginning of a game of Monopoly?

What colour trousers should be worn if Morning Dress is requested on an invitation?

Which C is a waterfall or downpour?

Which of these will help reduce global warming?

How many points does each player have at tennis is the score is 'deuce'?

What medal is awarded to the winner of an Olympic event?

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