General knowledge Quiz 4

Can you turn your hand to a variety of subjects with this general knowledge quiz?

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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Complete the name of this James Bond film. 'Die Another ___'

Which author wrote the novel 'Les Misérables'?

Which Australian wrote Schindlers Ark?

The Greenland Shark is found where?

A common British seafish is called what?

While sleeping, how often do cats purr?

What is the main greenhouse gas?

Which of these is NOT a fairy tale in the Brothers Grimm collection?

What member of the Spice Girls is married to athlete David Beckham?

Before the introduction of the Euro, what was France's currency?

Which H painted 'The Rake's Progress'?

Which letter can be added to the front of the word 'alliance' to make another common word?

Which continent do giraffes live?

The Lamprey is a type of what?

A long haired Alsatian is known as a what?

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