Author: Nitish Kumar

General Knowledge Quiz

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Questions 25
Criteria 40% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Identify the company.

category : logo

Which is the only state in India that produces saffron?

Category : GK

Where can we find Coral reefs in India ?

Category : GK

Which is the parent company of GOOGLE ?

Category : Tech

Who is the 1st president of America?

Category : Politics

Which country uses this currency ?

Category : Currencies of the world

Name the satellite was built by a team of 7 people led by Rifath Sharook .

Category : Current Affairs

Which is the capital of GREECE ?

Category : World Capitals

Identify the flag.

Category : World Flags

Identify the great scientist.

Category : Scientists

What is the study of plant chemicals ?

Category : Subjects

Who is the director of the movie Titanic ?

Category : Film

Which country is known as 'Playground of Europe'?

Category : Sorbiquets

When was GST introduced in India ?

Acronyms : BARC

Category : Acronyms

Which country uses zloty as its currency?

Category : Currencies

Where is 'Golden Gate Bridge' located ?

Category : Geography

Analogy: Sansaad - India; Storting -_____ ?

Category : Analogy

Venue for FIFA 2022

Category : Sports

Which is the most spoken language in world ?

Category : Languages

What is the other name of vitamin A?

Category : Science

When did the Space Age begin?

Category : Space

Where is 'Christ the Redeemer Statue' located ?

Category : Geography

Which was the first English newspaper in India ?

Category : History

Which famous game developed by Supercell ?

Category : Games

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