General knowledge Quiz 30

You might think you have great general knowledge, but do you really?

Knowledge quiz
Questions 14
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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What sort of company owns the website

Steinway and Broadwood are names famous in the manufacture of which instruments?

What name is given to a CD case?

Prior to the introduction of the Euro, where could you have spent Guilders?

When was the Furby the 'must-have' toy for Christmas?

Approximately how many millimeters are there in an inch?

On a cell phone, which of these letters are usually on the same key as the number 3?

Which of these is found both on your hand and in a toolbox?

Which of these is the archetypal multi-tool?

What was the first name that Nissan cars were sold under?

How many degrees are there in a right angle?

How many bites are missing from the fruit in the Apple logo?

What was the 'next big thing' in home entertainment in 2010?

What is the name for a baby kangaroo?

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