General knowledge Quiz 29

Whatever your age, there should be general knowledge questions to suit in this quiz.

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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What is the richest city in the uk?

In the game Risk, Europe is which colour?

How many dalmatians were there in the classic Disney film?

The first moon landing was in

What is the collective noun for ravens?

The Marie Celeste was a

In which continent is the capital city of Havana?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' is a 1964 children's book from which author?

In which continent is the Namib desert?

What is the national bird of India?

The Bermuda Triangle is where?

How many cents are there in a US buck?

Complete the name of this iconic rock band. 'Bon ____'

Complete the name of this iconic rock band. 'Van ____'

Which herb is typically used in a pesto sauce?

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