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Who wrote the novel 'Lord of the Flies'?

Which of these Canadian cities is NOT in Ontario?

When was Coca-Cola introduced to Britain?

When did Anita Roddick open her first Body Shop?

Who did Tom Cruise marry in 2006?

How many checkers does each player begin with in a game of backgammon?

Which insect is responsible for the most human deaths in the world?

What is global warming?

What dogs do the royal family traditionally have?

What did the Indians do with the deer's antlers?

The statue Christ the Redeemer can be found in which country?

Which of these characters is a core member of The Avengers?

What country singer is married to fellow country singer Tim McGraw?

Who did Brad Pitt leave to marry Angelina Jolie?

The month 'January' is named after the Roman god Janus, god of what?

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